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Without a doubt, 2013 has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for President Obama.

You don't need to read the polls to see it; I mean, for fuck's sake, even Condoleezza Rice could've predicted this would happen!

All throughout history, attempts to change America's social fabric have been met with fierce resistance, and Obama's communist takeover of the health care system is no different—its (alleged) birthplace notwithstanding.

Now, mark my words: Come January 1, when the apocalypse (aka Obamacare) is upon us, you liberals won't be so gay for your socialized medicine anymore; and that's just as well, since there won't be any doctors left to provide it.

Morning lineup:

Meet the Press: Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA); Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX); Ben Wizner (ACLU); Roundtable: Eugene Robinson (Washington Post), Elliott Abrams (Council on Foreign Relations), Robin Wright (Woodrow Wilson Center), George Mason University Prof. Dr. Peter Starns and Andrea Mitchell (NBC News).

Face the Nation: Barton Gellman (Washington Post); Legal Adviser to Edward Snowden/Kossack Jesselyn Radack; Former NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake; Former NSA/CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden; Roundtable: Jeffrey Kluger (TIME), James Fallows (The Atlantic), Laura Sydell (NPR) and Seth Fletcher (Scientific American).

This Week: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX); 2013 "Game Changers".

Fox News Sunday: Former DNC Chair/Vermont Gov. Howard Dean; Dr. Scott Gottlieb (American Enterprise Institute); Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI); Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA); Roundtable: Brit Hume (Fox News), Mara Liasson (NPR), Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) and Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT).

State of the Union: S.E. Cupp (CNN); Democratic Strategist Donna Brazile; Republican Strategist Ana Navarro; Neera Tanden (Center for American Progress).

Evening lineup:
60 Minutes will feature "birdmen" who soar off cliffs in wingsuits; wildlife filmmakers who use "spy-cams" to show polar bears up close; and, researchers who get in the water with man-eating Nile crocodiles (preview).

On Comedy Central...

While I was away, Jon Stewart took on Fox News' defense of "Duck Dynasty."

And Stephen Colbert studied the network's offense in the "War on Christmas."

Note: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be airing reruns this week.


While most of the debate over the "Person of the Year" focused on Pope Francis and Edward Snowden, at the Washington Free Beacon, the choice was obvious.

America didn't want him, needs him more than ever, and does not deserve him.

Remember when Americans still had affordable health insurance? Mitt Romney does. Remember how crazy it was to think Russia could be "our number one geopolitical foe"? Mitt Romney might, assuming he still thinks about politics when he's not installing car elevators in his La Jolla mansion or nurturing one of the finest tans in the industrialized world.

Like a of bunch of rebellious schoolgirls, the American people doubled down on their edgy fling last November rather than accept a wholesome Mormon into their hearts.

[W]hile there are plenty of jobs, including president, that Romney would excel at, such as Detroit bankruptcy manager or Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority CEO or Men's Wearhouse floor model, his talents would no doubt be wasted on an ungrateful nation.


Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) has a positively Gingrichian lesson to teach poor students.

"On the Agriculture Committee, we have jurisdiction over the school lunch. [The] school lunch program has a 16 percent error rate. [The] school lunch program is very expensive. Of course, it looks good compared to the school breakfast program that has a 25 percent error rate. But one of the things I'm talking to the Secretary of Agriculture about: why don’t you have the kids pay a dime, pay a nickle, to instill in them that there is, in fact, no such thing as a free lunch. Or maybe sweep the floor in the cafeteria. And yes, I understand that that would be an administrative problem and I understand that it would probably lose you money — but think what we'd gain as a society in getting the myth out of their head that there is such thing as a free lunch."

And, in other culinary news...

Country singer Toby Keith is getting Dixie Chicked over his new restaurant's gun policy.

The latest Toby Keith restaurant opened in Woodbridge. Prominently displayed on the front door is a sign saying: "NO GUNS PERMITTED."

Virginia happens to be a gun-friendly state, where it's quite permissible for citizens to strap on a weapon and go into a bar or restaurant, as long as the weapon is clearly visible. State law is silent on the issue of drinking while openly carrying a gun. (State law does prohibit most citizens who are legally carrying a concealed weapon from consuming alcohol, but they, too, are allowed to go into a bar or restaurant.) [...]

Facebook has erupted over the issue, with one patron saying she's "disappointed" and believes the no guns policy announces to criminals that "anyone leaving your establishment is likely completely defenseless and easy pickin's for a robbery." That poster said she will not patronize the new Toby Keith restaurant.

Another person wrote on the restaurant's Facebook page: the no guns policy is "sad" and it creates a "more dangerous environment."

Keep on rockin' in the free world.

- Trix

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