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Almost 50 years after President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law, the non-violent tactics of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. were back in the news.

But in a sign of just how far we have come as a nation, this time it was white people who were engaging in the great American tradition of civil disobedience.

On April 5, agents of the Bureau of Land Management descended on the Nevada ranch of welfare queen Cliven Bundy.

This court-ordered siege marked the culmination of a 20+ year fight between Bundy and the federal government—whose authoritah he doesn't respect.

A distress call went out over talk radio, and soon there were hundreds of heavily armed militiamen on the scene, ready for battle.

These über-patriots refused to be cowed by Harry Reid's stormtroopers; their message was clear: You may take our lives wives, but you'll never take our freedom!

So, on April 12, recognizing that they were outgunnedliterally if not legally—the BLM backed down.

And that's how Ronald Reagan won the Cold War.

Morning lineup:

Meet The Press: Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk; Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN); Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT); Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL); Roundtable: Chuck Todd (NBC New), David Brooks (New York Times), Radhika Jones (TIME) and David Shribman (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

Face The Nation: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D); Archbishop of New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan; Roundtable: Peggy Noonan (Wall Street Journal), David Ignatius (Washington Post) and Michael Duffy (TIME) and John Dickerson (CBS News).

This Week: Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX); Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly; Political Roundtable: Democratic Strategist Donna Brazile, S.E. Cupp (CNN), Bill Kristol (Weekly Standard) and Jeff Zeleny (ABC News); Religious Right Roundtable: Rev. Franklin Graham (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association), Dr. Russell Moore (Southern Baptist Convention), Ralph Reed (Faith & Freedom Coalition) and Cokie Roberts (ABC News).

Fox News Sunday: Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl; Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak; Roundtable: George Will (Washington Post), Rana Foroohar (TIME), Robert Costa (Washington Post) and Former Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN).

State of the Union: DNC Communications Director Mo Elleithee; RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer; Political Handicapper Stu Rothenberg; Australian Ambassador to the US Kim Beazley; Iraqi Ambassador to the US Lukman Faily; Sen. John Walsh (D-MT); Tom Tarantino (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America).

Evening lineup:

60 Minutes will feature: a report on the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity that has given away nearly $1.5 billion to New York's neediest (preview); a report on people with super memories (preview); and, a report on the Congo's Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra (preview).

On Comedy Central...

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were in reruns this week, so there are no new videos to share. Instead, here's Jon Stewart welcoming George W. Bush back to public life.

The Daily Show

Monday: EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

Tuesday: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

Wednesday: Robin Roberts (ABC News)

Thursday: Author Ramachandra Guha

And Stephen Colbert surveying Americans opinions about Ukraine.

The Colbert Report

Monday: Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns

Tuesday:  George Will (Washington Post)

Wednesday: University of Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari

Thursday: Author George Saunders

Note: Stephen Colbert will be appearing on "The Late Show with David Letterman" on Tuesday.


Fox News co-hosts Eric Bolling and Bob Beckel lamented the existence of labor laws.

On Fox News' The Five this week, host Eric Bolling and his co-hosts agreed that U.S. labor laws should be more like China's: nonexistent. "Some of the economies that are starting to kick our butt, those people work hard," said Bolling. "There aren’t labor laws, there aren't minimum wages, they're working harder than we are." Co-host Bob Beckel agreed, suggesting, "That's what we should have—no labor law and no minimum wage. They work for a dollar a week." Bolling clarified that in the U.S. we would "Certainly hold them to a maximum of hours per week, for sure," not acknowledging that such a limit would, in fact, be a labor law.


Greg Gutfeld saw Tax Day as an opportunity to rant about how good the poors have it.

"Yeah! It's tax day, or for 70 million households, Tuesday. Because for them, they pay no federal income tax so they're left wondering why everyone's at the post office sweating through their shirts.

I don't blame them, I envy them. A tax form to them is like a coupon for Head and Shoulders if you're bald. This is how dependence works, big government is grand if you don't feel its hand. Not that I don't love taxes, without them how would people like Harry Reid thrive? Useless, unproductive society hucksters rely on us as their welfare. Reid and his ilk look at America and see millions of wallets and purses ready to picked to perpetuate their power.

I'm bummed that 110 days of my salary goes directly into the mouth of a blob that turns my efforts into useless poop. It's not about filing, but force."

And last, but not least...

Bill O'Reilly conducted an enlightening interview with the University of Kentucky mens basketball coach, John Calipari.

"I mean, you are a good guy coach but, hey, now, the culture has coarsened," said O'Reilly. "I don't know if you listen to this rap stuff and the hip-hop stuff. Has that changed their attitude? I mean, how do you impose discipline on kids who are pretty much gonna do what they want to do?" O'Reilly goes on to express disbelief that Calipari's players don't curse at him, asks him what he does when a girl tells one of his players "hey, you raped me," and states, matter-of-factly, that there are "hustlers everywhere" who are "giving the kids drugs for free."

Peace out.

- Trix

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